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KC Williams: Press


KC's complete Electronic Press Kit can be viewed by clicking the link below.

“We received KC's album today and Smoky has added it to his play list right away and will be playing song's off the album on his radio show (Smoky's Country Jukebox) today, we where so shocked to hear how good KC is and boy has he got some talent.  This would be one of the best indie artists that we have heard for a while, we will be adding this album to our web site under CD Reviews. “ “I would like to thank you for sending KC's album, I was so surprised to finely hear such good independent talent come from over there, why isn't KC with a major record label, he is so very good and our listeners love him.”

Paula Sheldrick - ACMLA - Smoky's Country Jukebox


“We received our copy of "Without A Doubt". And we really do love it. On the French Country Radio, "Music Box"  (the only one we have playing country music 24 hours), the title Charley's Boots is played at least twice a day and country line dancers are discovering, slowly but surely, KC Williams. Good move! We'll send you, of course, a copy of "Country Music Attitude" where we gonna write an article -- and a good one ! – about this excellent album.”

Alain Sanders & Sabine Benichou - Country Music Attitude - Paris, France

K.C. Williams is a Milwaukee guy who was showcased on John Keaton’s recently televised third annual black country showcase in Manhattan. K.C.’s current Without a Doubt CD showcases a light, wavering-pitch tenor who’s somewhat in the mode of Kenny and Tim. And it turns out that Tim isn’t the only one who has The Dancehall Doctors backing him on disc these days. Four of the tracks on K.C.’s collection feature that same group.”
Robert K. Oermann, Music Row, March 14, 2003

Robert K. Ormann - Music Row Magazine (Mar 14, 2003)

"Listen: I got a very good artist (the artist you can toch!) from Milwaukee near Chicago
and he plays a real good country sound! Excellent band and very close to the people.
Very good for dancing - I booked him for 5. & 6.of march at the Albisgütli - the 3th. time!!!!"

"Nobody puts on a show like KC Williams"

Albi Matter - Show and Music - Switzerland (Sep 10, 2008)
RadioIndy is proud to present KC Williams a GrIndie Award for their CD "The Best of KC Williams." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.
Superb country music CD
KC Williams has released his latest CD “The Best of KC Williams” featuring a fine collection of his best work. Well rooted in the world of country music, Williams is a stand out performer and has played with some of the finest musicians in this genre. The “The Best of KC Williams” highlights his most notable tracks including songs like “1-800 I’m a Fool” or “Beauty’s in the Eye of the Beerholder” and “Honky Tonk Hilton.” All of these numbers captures the classic country ambiance and hilarious amusing titles to go with them. Williams brings everything down a notch, with a sweet ballad perfect for any Tim McGraw fan. Another song worth mentioning is “Without you (I’m Just an Ordinary Man)” for it has some excellent pedal steel guitar playing. The album isn’t entitled the “Best Of” for no reason; it’s the best of what Williams has to offer and then some.
Shaun H. - (Dec 4, 2009)



just a short note to thank you for your generous contribution to the soldiers.  Thursday evening was a memorable event that the soldiers and civilians will never forget.  Your performance, stage presence and professionalism will be long remembered and talked about for years.

On a personal note; I want to thank you and your crew for all your effort.  It was truly refreshing to work with an artist of your caliber.  Too often the entertainment industry gets a black eye stemming from a few pampered artists.  This was not the case with you and the professionalism that you brought to this evening.

I have forwarded my favorable comments to the Army Headquarters Entertainment Division and their producer for their consideration in future bookings.”

Daryl Budda of the MWR at the U.S. Army Base in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

And some comments from the base Commander

“It was a GREAT show.....

I would endorse bringing him back anytime.”

Colonel SAZ - Fort McCoy Military Base (Jun 3, 2004)

"This new CD from K.C. is 'Without A Doubt' his best yet. K.C. teams up with Robby Turner to deliver a true 'country' CD that is chock full of songs that should be heard by country music radio and its' fans. Give 'Where You Are Now', 'Without You (I'm An Just an Ordinary Man)', 'Honky Tonk Flu' and 'The Leaving Shelf' a try and you'll see that country music is alive and well in K.C. Williams."

Mike Thomas - KFAV